Empty Haircut

One ungrammatical little tic Republicans have adopted is referring to the Democratic Party the "Democrat Party." They do it because they know it irritates Democrats and other people with positive IQs.

The CBS program Face the Nation had some empty haircut sitting in for Bob Shieffer today. He had a relentlessly hostile interview with Ned Lamont (consisting purely of Rove-Lieberman talking points) this morning, which, however, Lamont handled very well.

Empty Haircut really managed to piss me off, though, with his repeated references to the "Democrat" party. Lamont managed to ignore this provocation, but I wonder if he really should have. What if he had just politely interrupted, pointed out to Haircut that there is no "Democrat" Party, that the word "Democrat" is not even a f*#king adjective, and ask him to stop being a witless Republican shill for the rest of the interview?

Would anybody have been offended?


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