More Physics Blogs

Most of the "physics blogs" on my list are really more discursive, but Not Even Wrong is somewhat of an exception. Peter Woit runs a pretty tight ship and likes to keep the subject on physics and math and the comments on topic. It is probably my all around favorite for supplying interesting ideas in physics. The title refers to his Crusade against String Theory, or at least what he considers its excesses, and he has a new book out with the same title. Besides being a good blog, it also gets a very classy group of commenters, who frequently supply more interesting stuff.

Arun Gupta's Musings is mostly not about physics, but he does write occasionally on physics and is a frequent commenter on physics blogs and this one. Mostly I read his blog for the non-physics stuff, especially stuff on Indian history and culture.

Backreaction started out as a joint blog, though it may be just Sabine (Bee) and Stephen now. Bee is more prolific and likes to present long, nicely reasoned pieces on some aspect of physics or even laces for running shoes. She somehow manages to be very polite and sensible even when dealing with Lubos at his most unreasonable. She also has a nice review of Lee Smolin's new book and an interview with him.

I should say something about Wolfgang Beirl, who writes The Statistical Mechanic and has had a number of other blogs, which tend to pop in and out of existence, which is too bad, since he was very good at finding interesting and quirky facts of all kinds. He was once a frequent commenter here, but lately is pissed off at me. Blogging, unfortunately, is a good way to make enemies, at least if you are as argumentative as I am. Wolfgang knows a lot of physics, but I found his non-physics posts at least as interesting.

I still have a few more I want to mention, but they will have to be later.


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