The "I-F" Word

One of the stupidest and most destructive memes propagated by the right wing slime machine is this "Islamofascist" word. Nothing could be more calculated to 1) promote bin Laden's "war of civilizations" idea and 2) bring every Nazi crawling out from under their rocks and decaying logs.

They are crawling out, by the way. I had to ban a Nazi from this site. Lubos (who naturally is irresistably attracted to the word as he is to any other bit of right wing nutjobbery) has a commenter - wait, let me rephrase that in the form of another wingnut meme recently adopted by LM - one "member of the Reference Frame community" is promoting "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," while another is advocating nukeing all the major Muslim cities of the world, gleefully toting up the hundreds of millions of casualties.


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