Enough with the Stupid Questions

I always complain about the stupid questions the press asks the Prez, so I guess I should submit mine:

1) After three and one half years in Iraq, at a cost of thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, the security and economic situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate. Isn't this pretty clear evidence that your strategy is faulty and should be changed?

2) For three and a half years your Secretary of Defense has insisted that we had all the troops in Iraq we needed and all that our Generals had asked for. Given that every independent observer in Iraq hears that that is not the case, and given that the Sec Def insisted on invading Iraq with many fewer troops than military planners had asked for, isn't it time to fire him?

3) Robert McNamara has reported that on his trips to postwar Vietnam he is always asked "Hadn't any of you ever read a history book?" Mr. President, have any of you ever read a history book, and if you have, how have you managed to make so many textbook mistakes in the management of the war in Iraq?

4) Do you really not understand why the Iraqi's hate us?

5) Your administration unconscionably ignored clear warnings and thus failed to prevent 9/11, similarly failed to prepare for and cope with Hurricane Katrina, and made a total hash of Iraq, so what do you plan to do differently in your last 2 and 1/3 years in office in order to do better.


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