Predictions 06: Preliminary Look & More

It's still a bit early to evaluate my Predictions for 2006, but a preliminary review suggests that my best prediction was the one about my limitations as a prophet. I would now like to add a few more, just to improve my percentage:

1) Time magazine will make some really lame pick for "Man of the Year," but the record inanity insanity achieved by their Rudy Giuliani pick will not be broken. My shallow but obvious pick: The Angry American Voter.

2) President Bush will make a series of decisive moves to turn around the situation in Iraq, and forcefully articulate a comprehensive and comprehensible policy in the Middle East.

3) Circumstances will continue to be more like they are now than they have been in the past, but will be less like they are now than they are likely to be in the future.

4) I will continue to buy more mathematics books than I can understand.

OK, number two was a joke. But sometimes fantasy is a necessary ingredient for sanity.


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