Rogue Elephants in the FSB

A couple of months ago the New York Times Magazine ran this fascinating story about how elephants are cracking up under stress, raping and killing rhinoceruses, and generally behaving badly under the stress of human impact on their environment. While bizarre, I found this story pretty convincing.

I can't say the same about the story being put out by the British government that Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated by rogue elements in the FSB (the current incarnation of the Russian KGB). With a deathbed accusation and a mountain of evidence pointing to Russia and Vladamir Putin, why should we doubt the obvious? No evidence for that theory has been mentioned, but we have evidence that Tony Blair is a pathetic ho.

Not content with the shame, degradation, and harm to his country brought by six years of being Bush's bitch, Blair now seems determined to be Putin's as well.

This is doubly disaappointing to me. Bush talks and acts like an unprincipled idiot, so it is not too surprising that he turns out to be one. Blair though, is eloquent and persuasive, so it's a real shock when he turns out to be just another unprincipled and pathetic idiot.


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