We'll be Seeing You!

If you were less than thrilled at the sight of Britney's unpantied rump, you might not care for the latest treat the Transportation Safety Agency has in store for us. Actually, even if the Spears rear does thrill you, you might quail a bit at TSA's new see-through technology. Not to worry though:
But the TSA said the X-rays will be set up so that the image can be viewed only by a security officer in a remote location. Other passengers, and even the agent at the checkpoint, will not have access to the picture.

In addition, the system will be configured so that the X-ray will be deleted as soon as the individual steps away from the machine. It will not be stored or available for printing or transmitting, agency spokesman Nico Melendez said.

I say they will be on You Tube in six weeks.

Personally, I'm more concerned with the idea of being bombarded with ionizing radiation. Is this really an X-ray technology? If so, it can hardly be good for you. The total absorbed dosage seems small (according to the manufacturer!) but nothing is said about where the radiation is absorbed.


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